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Principal Middleware Specialist/Architect at Red Hat, open-source enthusiast, committer on Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Fabric8, HawtIO, blogging, Family, India Pale Ale

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Microservices, DevOps, and the cost of change?

As developers, we all love shiny new things. New technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), new languages (Golang, NodeJS), new hyped conversation starters (Microservices, DevOps, Cloud). And everyone seems to have an op...

See You at DevNexus in Atlanta!

Next week I’ll be giving a talk at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta. AFAIK the event is sold out, so for those going, look forward to meeting you!

The Cost of Code Reuse Abuse

Oddly enough, while I’m sleeping or in some zombie state while attempting to sleep, I often feel like the ideas I have while in that state are the best thing ever and could possibly solve all the worlds problems....

Very fast Camels and Cloud Messaging

Apache Camel is a popular, mature, open-source integration library. It implements the Enterprise Integration Patterns which is a set of patterns that often come up when integrating distributed systems. I've writt...

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You're not going to do Microservices

Seems like every 5 to 10 years our industry, especially in the Enterprise Integration, or enterprise application space, we get introduced to some new methodology or architectural style that's the best since slice...

ActiveMQ Message Priorities: How it works

There's usually a steady drip of questions on the mailing list surrounding ActiveMQ's message-priority support as well as good questions about observed behaviors and "what's really supported"? I hope to help you ...

Serious about your software career? Leave your job

I recently resigned my position as senior software engineer and technical lead for a middleware services group at Wells Fargo. The job was great: work from home, great immediate manager, respected among the team ...