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Christian Posta

Principal Middleware Architect @ Red Hat, open-source enthusiast, committer @ Apache, Cloud, Integration, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, Fabric8, #blogger

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About me

My name is Christian, and I work for Red Hat as a Principal Solutions Architect in the Middleware Specialist group. I specialize in helping companies I work with use technology to make lots of money. I’ve worked with companies and technology groups in the shipping, banking, retail/e-retail, insurance, finance, healthcare, telecom, and government industries. I currently take on may roles: software architect, proficient developer, consultant, mentor, trainer, evangelist, speaker, and blogger. I’m passionate about software, teaching, doing things right, and keeping things simple.


My focus is on building high-performing, scalable, available, fault-tolerant distributed systems using Open Source technology. Creating these types of systems is a dark art, and I enjoy the challenge. Systems that I’ve worked on directly, architected, or guided, touch revenue streams of billions of dollars in some of the most critical business paths for very household company names.

Open Source

I’m a firm believer in collaborative solutions, and believe working on technology in the open is key to achieving the highest quality solutions. The more people involved, the more eyes on a solution, the better our solutions. I am a committer on a handful of opensource projects including Apache ActiveMQ (also on PMC), Apache Camel, as well as contributor to projects like and others that I come across that look interesting.


I enjoy talking about the technology that I work with and the solutions that I work on. You can find me talking about the latest trends in cloud computing, microservices, integration, open-source, and design at the Phoenix JUG, Red Hat Summit/DevNation, DevNexus and others. Here’s a list of past speaking engagements and slides:

  • Microservices with Apache Camel, Docker, and Fabric8v2 Red Hat Summit 2015 slides
  • Why real integration developers ride Camels Red Hat Summit 2015 slides
  • Continuous Delivery with JBoss Fuse on Fabric8v2 and OpenShiftv3 Red Hat DevNation 2015 slides
  • Continuous Delivery with JBoss Fuse on OpenShift DevNexus 2015 slides
  • Real-world #microservices with Camel, Fabric8, and OpenShift Keynote phxjug 2014 slides
  • Integrating microservices with JBoss Fuse Red Hat webinar 2014 slides
  • DevOps with Fabric8, ActiveMQ, Camel Keynote phxjug 2014 slides
  • DevOps with Camel and JBoss Fuse DevNation 2014 slides
  • Polyglot messaging with ActiveMQ Desert Code Camp 2014 slides
  • Enterprise Integration with Apache Camel Desert Code Camp 2014 slides
  • Essential Camel Components DZone webinar 2014 slides
  • ActiveMQ 5.9 + Apache Apollo Keynote at phxjug 2013 slides
  • ActiveMQ Performance Tuning Speaker at Desert Code Camp 2013 slides
  • ActiveMQ Internals Speaker at CamelOne 2013 slides

How to find me

Find me on twitter (@christianposta), Google (+christianposta), on IRC at or freenode as ceposta