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Chief Architect, cloud application development @ Red Hat, author Microservices for Java Developers, open-source enthusiast, committer @ Apache, Cloud, Integration, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, Fabric8, #blogger

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About me

Christian Posta (@christianposta) is a Chief Architect at Red Hat with 15+ years of experience building and designing highly scalable, resilient, distributed systems. He recently authored the book “Microservices for Java Developers” for O’Reilly and Red Hat (

Christian has spent time at web-scale internet companies, as a specialist consultant in the integration and messaging space, as well as at traditional enterprises in the manufacturing, power-distribution, retail, and financial-services space. Christian now works closely with Red Hat’s strategic customers and partners to realize business value through technology by implementing cloud-native solutions using opensource including Red Hat’s extensive open-source portfolio. Christian guides customers covering topics such as high-performance messaging, integration, caching, stream processing, data-intensive architectures and how we deliver those in a cloud-native way with containers. He’s a committer in various open-source communities including Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel,, and frequent contributor to the Kafka, Debezium, and Kubernetes communities and many others. He’s also on the project board/PMC of ActiveMQ.

Christian writes on a popular blog (35K+ views per month) at as well as top developer communities like,, InfoQ and others . Lastly, you can catch him mentoring, training, and leading teams to be successful with distributed-systems concepts, devops, and cloud-native application design, or speaking at top technology conferences like Devoxx, JavaOne, KubeCon, or Red Hat Summit.


I enjoy talking about the technology that I work with and the solutions that I work on. You can find me talking about the latest trends in cloud computing, microservices, integration, open-source, and design at many of the top developer conferences and regional user groups. Here’s a list of some of the past speaking engagements and slides:

Older talks:

  • Microservices with Apache Camel, Docker, and Fabric8v2 Red Hat Summit 2015 slides
  • Why real integration developers ride Camels Red Hat Summit 2015 slides
  • Continuous Delivery with JBoss Fuse on Fabric8v2 and OpenShiftv3 Red Hat DevNation 2015 slides
  • Continuous Delivery with JBoss Fuse on OpenShift DevNexus 2015 slides
  • Real-world #microservices with Camel, Fabric8, and OpenShift Keynote phxjug 2014 slides
  • Integrating microservices with JBoss Fuse Red Hat webinar 2014 slides
  • DevOps with Fabric8, ActiveMQ, Camel Keynote phxjug 2014 slides
  • DevOps with Camel and JBoss Fuse DevNation 2014 slides
  • Polyglot messaging with ActiveMQ Desert Code Camp 2014 slides
  • Enterprise Integration with Apache Camel Desert Code Camp 2014 slides
  • Essential Camel Components DZone webinar 2014 slides
  • ActiveMQ 5.9 + Apache Apollo Keynote at phxjug 2013 slides
  • ActiveMQ Performance Tuning Speaker at Desert Code Camp 2013 slides
  • ActiveMQ Internals Speaker at CamelOne 2013 slides

How to find me

Find me on twitter (@christianposta), Google (+christianposta), on IRC at or freenode as ceposta