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Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook by Scott Cranton and Jakub Korab is a large catalog of useful patterns, solutions, and best practices for developing and integrating applications with the popular Apache Camel library.

camel nose

The "recipe" format is very easy to follow; you can focus on the specific recipes that will help you solve a specific problem and be more productive than scouring the mailing lists or JIRAs for hours/days/weeks. I highly recommend you buy the book as it's worth every penny. It's targeted toward experienced users of Apache Camel (have used the library, or know in principal what it is and how to use it) and even the most seasoned veterans get a lot of useful tips from it. However, if you're just getting started with this wonderful library, then a must have is Claus Ibsen and Jon Anstey's book Apache Camel in Action. After you've read that one, pick up this Apache Camel Developers Cookbook.

Here's a snippet of things you can get out of the book:

  • Learn ways to structure your Camel projects
  • Understand common Enterprise Integration Pattern usage
  • Transform your messages Use Camel’s built-in testing framework
  • Extend Camel to better interoperate with your existing code
  • Learn the strategies for Error Handling Use Camel’s parallel processing and threading capabilities
  • Secure your Camel integration routes
  • Understand ACID Transaction processing within Camel

You can also take a peek at the review I put together when the book first came out.

For this blog post, I've teamed up with Packt Publishing who's generously offereing three free e-book copies of this book to my readers. So how do I decide which three readers get a copy?


If you're new to Apache Camel or have used it in the past and think a recipe book like this could be helpful to you, please let me know in the comments. Feel free to browse the book description to give you ideas. For example, you can explain an integration scenario you might be working on (or want to work on) with Camel and what are some key best practices or step-by-step guides that would help you.

I will choose three readers who've left comments on August 21st 2014. Note, you'll want to use your real email addresses as this is how you'll be contacted.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: I have chosen the winners of the ebook giveaway, congrats to the following commenters (from below): For the others, I'm working with Packt to see what kind of discount we can get you!

Winners: Stu, Tihu, and Ugo Albarello.

Cheers and enjoy the book!