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I’m fortunate to have a few sessions at Red Hat Summit next week (May 8-10) in San Francisco! I’ll be speaking/co-presenting with some fantastic presenters about microservices, service mesh, Istio, serverless, and integration. Really hope to see you there! Reach out to me (@christianposta) if you’d like to meet up to discuss any of these topics!

Istio: solving the challenges of hybrid cloud

I’ll start off with my first session Tuesday that’s as close to the edge of innovation as you can get. I’ll be co-presenting with Zack Butcher (@ZackButcher) with a session called Istio: Solving challenges of hybrid cloud. In this session we’ll take a look at the challenges of implementing a services architecture in multiple deployment platforms across public/private cloud. We’ll see how Istio solves issues of load balancing, service discovery, policy enforcement, and most importantly: security. Hybrid cloud is a reality for a lot of our customers, and once you figure out the service deployment challenges, you’ll need those services to communicate. That’s where Istio shines.

  • Date: Tuesday 8th of May
  • Time: 3:30p - 4:15p
  • Room: Moscone South - 208

Low-risk mono to microservices: Istio, Teiid, and Spring Boot

In this session, I’ll cover some advanced techniques for evaluating when to move to microservices and options for doing so. We won’t shy away from the nasty challenges of doing so including data integration, deployment techniques, testing, and other topics that will be greeting anyone looking to move to a services architecture. We’ll focus on reducing risk of doing so. This session will be based on my series of articles on migrating monolith to microservices

  • Date: Tuesday 8th of May
  • Time: 4:30p - 5:15p
  • Room: Moscone South - 207

An eventful tour from enterprise integration to serverless computing

For this session, I’m teaming up with Marius Bogoevici (@mariusbogoevici) to talk about messaging patterns, event driven architecture, and Function as a Service. FaaS and serverless more generally has been getting a lot of attention recently, but unlike some vendors would have you to believe, it’s not the “second coming”. It’s another tool to have in your toolkit and we’ll explore how it fits within an enterprise’s existing landscape.

  • Date: May 9th of May
  • Time: 10:30a - 11:15a
  • Room: Moscone South - 207

What’s a service mesh

My last session of the conference is a panel about service mesh with the esteemed Louis Ryan (@louiscryan) from Google and William Morgan (@wm) from BouyantIO. This will be an extemporaneous “ask me anything” style panel covering services architecture, service mesh, security, observability and everything in between.

  • Date: May 9th of May
  • Time: 11:45a - 12:30p
  • Room: Moscone South - 208

Book signing

We’ll also have printed copies of Introducing Istio Service Mesh for Microservices. I have a book signing at the Red Hat booth Wednesday afternoon from 3:00p - 4:00p. Come on by!

Hope to see you there!