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Next week I’ll be giving a talk at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta. AFAIK the event is sold out, so for those going, look forward to meeting you!


The industry is buzzing with all kinds of hype these days, including #DevOps, #microservices, and #PaaS offerings (yay hashtags… you know it’s hype when there’s always hashtags before those words). Usually it’s not until the hype settles that you actually start to see real-world problems solved with some of these approaches (and which ones fail). The difference is, since these new hyped movements sort of grew organically there is a little more legitimacy floating around them. But more importantly, OpenSource is driving this movement. I’m excited to be giving a talk on how some very popular opensource projects fit the paradigm of devops culture, microservices architectures, and tie together with PaaS.

There are also a lot of other great talks scheduled! Lots of microservices, reactive, and IoT talks. Hope to see you there!