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Recently, in between waking up to help my wife with our ten-day old baby at wee hours of the day, I had a chance to be part of Markus Eisele's Developer Interview series. I chatted casually about my experiences, OpenSource, and showed a quick demo of HawtIO and Fabric8 (more talked about it... but think of our demo as one of my blog posts in "podcast" form).

The developer series Markus is working is excellent. Small 20 min [though mine went a little over ;) ] interviews with developers to catch up on some of the new exciting projects they're working on. Great for a Monday-morning kickstart (with lots of coffee?) or a quick video for your lunch break.

Either way, check it out, check out Markus's blog for the rest of the series, including the first two from Claus Ibsen and Emmanuel Hugonnet