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Just getting back from KubeCon 2017 and I can tell you the excitement about Istio and service mesh in general is through the roof! There were lots of talks about Istio/service mesh (including a panel with Matt Klein, Jason McGee, Lin Sun, William Morgan, Sven Mawson and myself).

There is lots of great material coming out about Istio including a istio workshop delivered by Zach Butcher et. al. at KubeCon. To see how to run Istio on OpenShift take a look at Veer Muchandi’s demo repository.

I’ve started putting together a workshop diving deeper into how Istio works. including exploring in detail parts of Envoy (the default Istio proxy), and the core components like Pilot and Mixer.

This workshop starts off at a high level, but make no mistake: it’s intended to be at a lower level and hands on. We walk through some the core pieces of the Istio technology with the hope of giving the attendee/reader a good understanding of how the pieces come together, how to debug things when there are issues, and how to become more comfortable with some of the magic of Istio and Envoy.

DISCLAIMER: this material is a work in progress; expect to see updates frequently.

The agenda as it is right now:

  • How did we get here?
  • Meet Envoy Proxy
  • Hands on with Envoy Proxy
  • Meet Istio Service Mesh
  • Hands on with Istio Service Mesh
  • Additional resources

Ideally, I’d like to get this into a good state and donate to the Istio repositories directly.

I really need feedback on the material! Please take a look and let me know if you have any feedback, comments, ideas. Thanks, and follow along on twitter for updates.