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Okay, so nobody is kidding anybody, Microservices isn't a new concept... but it seems like it might be generating its own hype curve based on the frequency with which people feel compelled to label something people've been doing for a while and turn it into something new.

Although Microservice style decomposition isn't new, some of the challenges of doing so are very relevant and worth discussing. Apache Camel and its 100% open-source, commercially supported cousin JBoss Fuse have been doing microservices for quite some time, and in this webinar we discuss the pains of Microservices, and the reality that Apache Camel and JBoss Fuse brings to the developer and architect's toolbox for getting the most out of your architectural investment.

Sign up at this link here for the webinar at 11am EST on January 21st, 2015... and retweet me here: @christianposta -- Microservices webinar on Jan 21st 2015!