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So ActiveMQ 5.9 is due out from the community any day now!

I just did a talk at the local Phoenix JUG about it, and did some live demos of some of the new features. I've posted by slides (below) and also a couple of videos I prepared before the talk.

Some of the new features include:

  • New default message store (LevelDB)
  • LevelDB replication
  • New management console (HawtIO)
  • New broker: plugin for camel-based destination interceptors
  • MQTT over WebSockets
  • AMQP hardening
  • Broker restarts on losing lock
  • New Abort slow consumer strategy

HawtIO + ActiveMQ web console

ActiveMQ+HawtIO from Christian Posta on Vimeo.

LevelDB Replication

LevelDBReplication from Christian Posta on Vimeo.


ActiveMQ 5.9.x new features from ceposta