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Burr Sutter (@burrsutter) and I (@christianposta) have finished writing a small book to help folks get up and running with service mesh!

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Many many thanks to all of the reviewers who took the time to give feedback and for Red Hat for sponsoring my time especially Burr Sutter and the talented folks at O’Reilly who helped coordinate the effort and make it come to fruition.

Download the complimentary ebook at

The book covers the following topics:

  • What is a service mesh
  • Understanding Istio and the importance of its capabilities in a microservices architecture
  • How to do the following with Istio:
    • Resilience patterns
    • Routing patterns
    • Chaos testing
    • Security
    • Telemetry collection with tracing, metrics, and Grafana

This book should be a nice quick intro to Istio. Please take a look at for more. The book is based on a hands-on workshop the wonderful Red Hat Developers team put together. Find the latest version of the workshop as well as the branch from the book.

Printed books

We will have printed books to give away at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco. The dates of the conference are May 8th - 10th at the Moscone Center. We’ll also be doing a handful of microservices events across North America which should be another opportunity to get printed copies. Or, reach out to me @christianposta and we’ll find a way to ship you a printed copy.

What’s next?

Follow along on my blog, the Red Hat Developers blog, the blog and

Also stay tuned for the “Istio in Action” book that I’ll be writing for Manning.